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‚ÄčApostolic Healthcare International (A.H.I.) is an Apostolic-Christian organization which believes that the Bible is infallible and is the all-inspired Word of God. 


A.H.I. holds steadfast to the belief that there is one God, and that He was manifest in the flesh in the man Christ Jesus.  A.H.I. is committed to the teachings of Jesus and His Apostles, namely, that a person must be born again to enter into the Kingdom of God. A.H.I. believes that the Apostles applied this teaching by instructing people that in order to experience this rebirth, a person must repent, be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, and be filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost.  A.H.I. further believes that the initial biblical evidence of receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost is to speak in other tongues.  

Finally, A.H.I. believes that after experiencing this new birth, a person should strive to live a separate and righteous lifestyle, pleasing in the sight of God.  


These beliefs are the core principles upon which A.H.I. bases its work.  


While we realize everyone has a right to their personal convictions and beliefs, no A.H.I. member shall strive for their personal beliefs outside of this affirmation to the disunity of this organization.