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Angela Trapani, RN, BSN 

Angela Trapani RN BSN lives in Eau Claire, WI where she has worked as a Psychiatric Nurse for over 23 years focusing her time in the area of Child and Adolescent Development and Psychiatry. Angela knew from the age of 4 she wanted to be a nurse and God guided her steps to fulfill that dream. She graduated from Chippewa Valley Technical College with her associate degree becoming a RN in 1996.  

After a time of change and period of difficulty and uncertainty, Angela felt that God wanted her to do more with her profession for His use and set down the path to become a nurse practitioner in the field of psychiatry. She attended Viterbo University to complete her BSN in 2016 and is currently finishing graduate school to earn her master's degree in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioning from the University of Maryville, St. Louis. 

Angela was raised in church by her parents Carl and Barbara Trapani who pastored Faith Church in Eau Claire, WI for almost 40 years and have since retired.  Angela's father Carl also worked as a licensed psychotherapist and together they developed and ran a support group for parents and guardians of children with bipolar disorder in their community.  

Angela currently attends Faith Church pastored by her brother, Todd Trapani where she has helped in areas of Sunday School, Youth ministry, music, and many other roles.  

Angela is the mother of two children and recently has married Kent Taylor. Angela's passion has always been working with children and special needs populations. She loves to share how God turned her work into her ministry after some difficult times in the life of her children and family and is looking forward to fulfilling God's calling in her life as a nurse practitioner.