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Randa M. Chance, MA, LPC Intern, LMFT Associate

Randa served with her husband, Shane, for 17 years in various pastoral roles as youth pastor, assistant pastor and finally inner-city church planters before transitioning to evangelizing for the past five years. She is heavily involved in the San Antonio community. She has also served as a group counseling facilitator with Family Violence Prevention Services in Bexar County, providing pro bono psychoeducation to parents and children in Celebrating Families, a family-inclusive, trauma-informed, skill-building program for families with parents with substance addictions, with a focus on preventing children's future addiction, mental and physical health problems. Randa has an MA in clinical mental health counseling from Regent University. She is licensed in Texas and provides counseling services under supervision as an LPC Intern and LMFT Associate. Her passion is for coming alongside individuals, couples and families to facilitate healing and provide a safe place for processing through relational challenges, life transitions, self-image, family conflict, trauma, behavioral issues, spirituality, depression, grief, loss, and addiction. Outside her counseling office, Randa enjoys speaking and presenting both individually and with Shane at conferences, seminars and weekend marriage and life skills intensives. Randa is also an avid bookworm, loves hunting for vintage treasures, playing the piano, leading worship in her church, writing books and articles, spending time with her husband, laughing, and making music with her children.