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Jeffrey A. Stirnemann, MD

Dr. Stirnemann currently resides in Alexandria, LA and attends the Pentecostals of Alexandria. He has been involved with the Pentecostals of Alexandria Training Center for ministerial interns for several years. Currently, he evangelizes some, while maintaining full-time physician practice.

He was born and raised in the home of an apostolic pastor, and therefore has experienced most areas of church functioning. Being raised in a home mission church setting, reaching out to others is has always been a given in his life. As early as high school, he knew that he was wanted to be a physician, but continued with ministry throughout his education. He has been known to say, “Physician by trade, preacher by the grace of God.” He has a passion for soul winning and has been involved with in evangelical outreach for many years.

     Dr. Stirnemann has been practicing medicine since 1998 and is an emergency room physician, many times being the Director. He has been a medical review officer, administrative physician as chief of staff and laboratory director and continues to be involved in hospitalist and clinic work. He graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN with his medical degree and continued his clinical training at Mayo Graduate School of Medicine in Rochester, MN. Later he completed cutting edge research in recurrent laryngeal nerve reinnervation studies with Vanderbilt Department of Otolaryngology and was listed as an author on research papers. He is excited to ultimately be involved with healthcare worldwide by way of Apostolic Healthcare International.

He has had world vision for many years and is excited about the birth of Apostolic Healthcare International and wants everyone to be involved as we reach the world for Jesus.